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MICHAEL JACKSON-My Dubai Journal-The Legend I fondly remember


It was the best of the times; it was the time when I heard the golden voice of a man who made History through his music albums. It was 26th Feb.1988 the time when I could hear the music of the King of Musical fantasy, Michael Jackson, invariably in all the FM radios and TV channels in Dubai. It was the time when his musical album ‘BAD’ captured the hearts of millions. Now I fondly remember the time when I fell in love with the greatest musical work of Michael Jackson the Pop idol of the world.

The world smiled with him when he smiled. Such a charming smile, he was wearing, the smile of the century, which inspired millions to follow his step and offered unconditional love towards people. The talent he had towards music and dance was enormous which reinforced his success and made him an adorable personality among the people eternally.

Millions of people were inspired by his music, yet his dance movements were unique which attracted even those who never had the slightest idea or interest in dance. People were spell bound by his melodious voice when they heard his song ‘Heal the world’. All this was made by a slender and simple man who was wearing a look of charming smile. When I heard the song ‘Beat it’, I was enthralled and verily moved by its lyrics. It gave so much of power, the power to transform entire world.

The time has changed and so the fashion, the likings the culture the technology the adaptability and so on. Amidst the changing spree, nothing could influence and effect change to the likings of his music, the music of the ultimate King of Pop.

His music and songs displayed the power, courage, passion, love, romanticism, agony and ecstasy as it outperformed the contested simply because it reflected the true emotions of the artist. I often used to ponder the wordings of his song ‘your sweet memories, will always be dear to me’. Yes Michael, you are not only dear to me, but for millions who loved your greatest work towards music and dance.

Such a beautiful artist could not resist the controversies and criticism about his personal life. I would only say ‘Those who find ugly meaning in beautiful things are the corrupt without being charming. For them, there is no hope’ the very quote of Oscar Wilde.

Now I sadly remember the present time as Michael has gone. The Moon walker, the King of pop has walked away, not away from the hearts of millions, just away from this planet.

‘The Artist is the creator of beautiful things’ is the wordings given by the great author Oscar Wilde. The Greatest artist of our times Michael Jackson, who had created historical music albums is certainly the creator of beautiful things. Leaving his priceless treasure of music albums, the thirteen times Grammy award winner has walked away, as time has taken him, not his fame.              

Not knowing this truth, my seven years old son asks ‘Dad, can we go and see Michael once please’. ‘It must have been love, I lost it somehow’, the famous song lingers in my mind.


BZeal said...

Hi friend, This is a nice write up..
The best part of MJ is the moon walk..That is the best and most unforgettable stuff from him..

Keep rocking and happy blogging..

The Jadedoughnut said...

Great momentum for MJ the King of Pop. I have been a MJ fan since I was able to listen to him. I was really sadden when I was not allowed to hear his new music as he was taken away form us too soon..The controversies and lies were so unfair and all because he was different and wanted to love all..great post

Tigra said...

Michael Jackson was, be and will be the best of the best forever and ever !!!!!!! Congratulations, your blog is very nice. TIGRA.

sooreneccs said...

Hi Ayub,
My first post was a poetry on Micheal Jackson which was inspired on his song titles. You and I in our own way propagate his legend in our blogs.