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Goodness, gracious!

The idea of being good sounded nice when I ascertained the problems of being bad. At first being good seems complicated but in the long run it proves to be worthy. To choose to be bad initially looks easy but the amount of complications it produces in the long run makes one sick and drives crazy.

Generally all are good, unless otherwise the circumstances creates a situation that sounds bad. Often, it is our words that really puts us in trouble.  This is clearly explained  by a famous Tamil poem, the  meaning of the same is as detailed below.

"The fool gets himself in trouble by uttering wrong words is like the  frog who gets caught by the snake, by merely making the unwanted sound."  

This indicates one's has to be very careful when one talks in public, as it is dangerous to utter a wrong word.
Goodness is always likeable  by all, make ones life easy. Being good gives peace of mind, so one can sit and relax.

Again attitude plays a vital role, as such a right attitude is worth a million. A person whose attitude is good will be liked  invariably by all segment of people.

Even it is hard, try to be a principle centred person, and have a right principle, which  can be practiced by any one ethically.

So, let's be good and do good now and always.