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Me and my role

If I ever have the power to imagine right, I dare say
I wish to be a writing paper for the studious, in a right way
Will it not help many to acquire wisdom, for those
Who believe to emerge victorious through right means.

I could have been made as a dress material, if so
I beg the Almighty, please make me wonderful
And give me to the master, he or she no matter
To the one who has kind heart, I may be handled well.

What if I become a foot wear, is it bad?
Oh no, no, I could always carry the ambitious
To the right path, miles and miles tirelessly
'cause it will make me happy, even if I am worn out.

And if I become a currency note, oh good God
Please leave me with the needy one, not the bad one
They could be neither the spend thrift, nor the miser
As I really want to be spent useful, I pray

What a strange imagination, am thinking
As God made all of us with a purpose
What ever I may be created, it's okay
 I only want to be useful, I rather say

Let me be a good son, responsible father 
And a kind husband, as it may be
One could always make this world haven
By realizing  one's role by being useful.

The World with a view

What a mystic world, I really wonder
With a view to unify the people I wander.
How surprising to see the differences every where
Each carries their own reason, I ponder.

Gold or Silver, every coin has two sides.
Success or failure is the result of one's effort.
Each one justifies their own reason.
Which one is superior, Sun or Moon?

Every preaching needs certain practice.
As wisdom holds the light of human system.
Is vice and virtue could ever be the same?
True wisdom can always been proved.

Here comes the groups, to establish the truth.
In a world, raging with war, where lies the truth?
The prevalent indifference is a bane, not boon.
Argument or agreement the truth has its own accord.


When I had been to the shore of a magical beach
I bet, I stayed close to its dancing waves.
Oh its stride posed some times blue, some times green.
And it has a scene of  heart's content.

Once I'd been to the far away woods.
To measure it's abundant treasure.
Is it not amazing to note,
As it relieves one's pressure.

Had you ever been to hills?
The blue and  gray, showing spectacular way.
How God made these beautiful hills,
Is the wonderful question that often spills.

I found my garden brimmed with roses.
Some are red, some are white.
While those reds mocked at whites,
The whites merely pitied the reds.

All the above cited are nature's pleasure.
Giving peace of mind and to make one unwind.
The whole world could rest on it,
At the lap of the sacred Mother Nature. 

The point for the day

Rose and thorn

The world is not simply embedded with 
the path of roses, but full of thorns.

While the roses tend to give the fragrance
and delights you often, 
one must learn the forbearance of pains 
that originally caused by the 
thorns of the so called roses.

Always remember the special moments 
you experienced in the Past 
to strengthen and enlighten your 
Present, in order to put the same to your favor.

Welcome dear bloggers

Hi bloggers,

I am Ayub. It gives me immense pleasure to publish in one's own blog and am not an exception for the same.

Well, about my self, am an ardent reader of literature and management books, media and insurance is my profession. Yet I have a passion for copy writing , caption writing or writing of any productive stuff for that matter.

If one is really interested in any point or subject, it becomes very easy to write on matters that he or she really fancy. My idea is to give certain points when ever I write, in order to help some one to capture the best possible ways to succeed.

Life is definitely not "all work and no play "

Life has the best moments to cherish.

Life must be lived full.

I am very confident about life and hope you will experience the same too.

Bye for now