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The Bankster-A Book Review

The story starts on an interesting note, which put me on the grip to read the book. The Bankster is an interesting thriller based on the illegitimate activities which takes place in this present world.  The story mainly revolves around the banking sector. It starts on an interesting note, with the trading of blood diamonds in Angola and slowly moves on to an international bank in Mumbai. Suddenly, the readers are led to Kerala in southern India, where an elderly man is leading a protest against the Trikakulam Nuclear Power Project. He had lost his son and daughter –in-law during the Chernobyl disaster. The story slowly trails off to the Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2), where a series of baffling murder of the key employees takes place in Mumbai.

On the other side, Karan Panjabi, a press reporter and a former employee of GB2, inspects the case, and stumbles upon a drastic worldwide conspiracy. He is left with only 36 hours to unravel the grappling mystery behind it!

The story gradually progresses at a good speed, and the thrilling plot makes the book not to keep it down without reading the same.  The author takes the reader on a thrilling ride to Angola, Kerala, Mumbai, Vienna and Tel-Aviv.

Ravi Subramanian,  the eminent author who has written this great  novel  in a very stylish and thrilling way made its plots the way John Grisham tells in his story through which he emerges as a master story teller.  The author of many successful novels who has made a mark in fiction writing has given yet another block buster through his thriller novel The Bankster.

Ravi Subramanian, winner of the 2008 Golden Quill Readers’ Choice Award for his famous novel ‘If God was a Banker’ presents his debut financial sector novel The Bankster in his own great style, which is highly commendable indeed. 

                                                               A Book Review by Ayubkhan.U

Great Loan Options-A Review

The rise in price has become a regular no wonder phenomena these days, as many of us tend to convince our self to adjust with this scenario now a day. The essential needs have become highly unaffordable now by the common man which leads to  a huge deficit in one's budget now. One's dream  to buy unique product has come true now with the help of great loan options by First Amerigo an organization driven by values in providing essential personal loans, in no time.

You may be an individual just starting a career or a family man with vested family responsibilities. No matter who you are, here is a personal loans readily available for you. You might worry about the formalities to avail such loan which are tedious generally. Rest assured, with First Amerigo it is very easy avail the personal loan instantly.

First Amerigo, Americas no. 1 choice for loan consulting and the pioneer in funding, helps you to get a personal loan faster than you dream of. All you have to do is  just apply online, get instant approval  and get your cash in minutes. Financial planning becomes very easy for anyone now with the great help of First Amerigo who supports with their unique way of providing personal loans in no time.

Press Release-Lifestyle Galleria Inauguration

Lifestyle Galleria-A Brief Profile

Lifestyle Galleria is being inaugurated on 14th January 2013 with a view to cater to the lifestyle needs of those who wish to beautify their house since this showroom has more for them. The design studio of each brand has been formally opened by the respective CEO of the brand.  In this way a wholesale/sub-dealer network has come out with the exclusive retail showroom to make their presence in retail business also by addressing to the exquisite need of every customer

Lifestyle Galleria, an elegant showroom for all the home needs enormously built in 20,000 square feet area with the construction of ground plus two storeys along with greater interior work and fully furnished style is the added attraction of this mega mall.  The floors will showcase the various superior brands of Bath fittings; Tiles etc. which makes customers’ choice easy to go for the best.

The History

Lifestyle Galleria belongs to a group company which was founded by Mr.B.Rickhab Chand by name Apex Asbestos early in the year 1978. The birth of Cauvery Enterprises in 1987 consolidated their position thereby identifying them as a Trading enterprise.  Mr.R.Uttam Chand, son of Mr.Rikhab Chand who played a vital role to bring out this yet another successful organization to make the group bigger and better. In 1997, young Pavan Kumar, who just completed his professional college then, joined the group and started building the organization to a greater strength.

The formation of Varsiddhi Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. took place in the year 2008. All housing products under one roof is the main idea of the managing team of the organization as such they worked meticulously every day to make their enterprise as customer oriented.
Superior Brands

Lifestyle Galleria has the best Bath fittings and Tiles to take care of the finest housing needs of its clients. At present it is showcasing the products of major brands like NITCO, HINDWARE, TOTO, JAQUAR, QUEO, EURO, BENELEVE, SUNHEART TILES and having plans to add more superior brands in the near future.

The Vision
It is the vision of Lifestyle Galleria to bring all the housing products in one roof show casing its features in a best possible manner. Further to bring in new products relevant to building industry to enable the best choice of the customer.

The Mission
To ornament every household of Chennai with our unique and superior branded housing materials is the mission of Lifestyle Galleria.

Future Products
The future products of the Group in line are Steel/Cement/Interior Materials, which makes the work of every customer easy to construct their dream house without much struggle by saving their time considerably.

An article by Ayubkhan.U