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Product Review-Zenni Optical

Opportunity: Make life easier with oleophobic coated eyeglasses

Better living with a better look is the dream of all. ‘Face is the index of mind’ is the old adage. Mind will be active when one looks better. Thanks to Zenni Optical, the provider of stylish and convenient Eye Glasses, who has come with a unique optical solution for all.

Zenni Optical, the #1 on line eyeglasses store, provides the best eyeglasses that fulfill the every need of the wearer. With the warm services, they lend a helping hand by supplying the high quality prescription eyeglasses from the price range of $6.95, which is really good news for all. Amazing price for this excellent product is no more a distant dream.

The continuous development in education created the awareness, since the prescription eyeglasses are highly health- oriented products for its users. Hence necessary care has been taken by Zenni Optical, the organization that makes a difference by providing superior quality product of great durability and safety along with comfort and style, with the added benefit of extra-ordinarily affordable prices.

With the emerging technology Zenni Optical playing a vital role, as the company offers the newest generation of AR coating, Fingerprint Resistant (Oleophobic) Anti Reflective Coating. The technology that is well ahead could provide the technically advanced super hydrophobic/oleophobic coated lenses, which effectively repel water, oil, dust and fingerprints besides reducing annoying reflections. Much clearer and easy to clean is the main factor of the lenses provided by Zenni Optical, the experts in eyeglasses industry.

The prime advantage of AR coating helps counter the problem of overhead light reflection while driving. Further, it makes the glasses less noticeable and less reflective in photographs. Precisely Zenni Optical assures the comfort and peace of mind to its wearers of all segments.

Thanks to Zenni Optical, the price of eyeglasses are very lesser, very attractive and affordable indeed. It has a wide range of colors and design suitable for women, men, children, unisex and elders as a whole. The elegant design of meticulously coated glasses gives a better look besides convenient wear and safety for eyes.

Now it is much easier to procure your desired eyeglasses through online, as Zenni Optical has a nice a website: showcasing the latest designs to suit the needs of all.  All details like product descriptions, order placing and dispatch details are available in the said website of this great organization.  



Ode to my love-a poem

This poem is dedicated to my daughter Fahima Ayub

Under the shadow of this mighty tree
I sat, with your thought lingering in my mind.
The beauty of your face reminds me of the Moon
Of course, I do shelter you, as the Sky shelters the Stars

My mind is encircled with the colors of rainbow
At a distance, I could hear the song of a bird
With all the serene thoughts surrounded me
I sat at your feet, O Lord! Straighten my life.

Never was a moment, I spent without you
Your presence, to me a precious present
When you whisper in my ear, I lose control of myself
I am spellbound; I can’t imagine a moment without you

I remember the time, when you walked
With your tender feet and charming smile
You made me realize the value of love
In your eyes, I saw the world, a new world indeed.

Who you are, how you came into my life?
I wish, I could be with you eternally, if I can.
Love is not one simple word, for this lasting bond
You are me, aren’t you my dearest daughter.