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Citizens makes the Country

Isn't it a country identified by its Citizen
O people, what speaks of you, action or memory
The duty of a Citizen is not often defined
Yet the Country is made with the order of it's Citizens

Love and Compassion makes every Citizen
It is virtue not vice shapes every Citizen
The strength of the Country is much valued
By the blood and sweat of its own Citizen

How interesting to see the world of peace
No war no violence, will be a sweet dream
The height of civilization is greatly assessed
Through the earnest service to the poor and needy

If a tree is identified by its fruit
And a plant is assessed by its seed
Then the man is defined by his actions
A Nation is valued by its people

O  Citizens, be a role model
By doing good and leaving bad
True Citizens helps live in harmony
Never spreads rumor, helps spread peace

Life is not just to eat and sleep
Life is not just to dwell and exist
Life is not to make a daydream 
Life is to  make a dream, which comes true in a day or two

O Students, you are going to make the Nation
A Nation without cast or creed
Love and compassion makes one human
With the ray of hope, have faith in what you do

The Travel-A Short Story


The Travel

He came till the end of the passage that leads to emigration check, inside the Airport. Behind him, just outside the corridor, I could see the busy crowd hurriedly moving here and there, as if nothing changed their routine. He looked at me questioningly, and I silently emptied my wallet and gave the remaining cash to him. ‘Give me the wrist watch, you may rather buy a better piece over there’ he chuckled. Before I speak, he was in action, removing my watch from my hand, bid farewell and went away. I was mechanically waving my hand, though he was completely vanished from my sight.

The escalator pushed me to the end where I found the Officer with full uniform, neatly pressed and clean, bringing the ambiance more of official, creating an air of stiffness that stirred the fear within me. I tried to smile at him and he rather not, collected the passport from my hand and glanced at my face inquisitively. I could hear the sound of stamping on my passport and he waved and showed me the way to Aircraft.

The pathway was narrow and neat with dull lights, which created the feel of isolation. I felt as if I am evolving from one world to another as I was traveling abroad for the first time. The pathway came to the end where I could see the entrance of the Plane.

Like a robot, the Air hostess shown me my seat casually. I was little nervous and found a Foreign traveler sitting at my next seat. She must be twenty five, wearing casuals, probably in a holiday mood, gave a thin smile that was real and friendly. Her face was pale with brown eyes that originally displayed the excitement and enthusiasm. After few minutes, the silence was broke by her, as she started asking me in a soft voice, ’Wat’s ur name?’ I looked at her face as her accent was unfamiliar and answered ‘am Saleem going to Dubai on employment’.

‘I came from Swiss on vacation’ she retorted. The Air hostess greeted us and offered Tobleron chocolates. ‘It’s my country chocolates’ she was jumping with excitement.

When I woke up from sleep, I found the next seat empty. She must have left, I thought. The Plane was waiting at Delhi and someone told me, it will take another half an hour for the departure. It must be a transit point. My mind was thinking about my family members and the faces appeared one after another like the slides shown in the theater screen at the time of interval. I could hear the sound at my back seat, a small boy crying for want of more toffees. The smell of the perfumed air inside refreshed my nostrils.

I felt the freezing cold, when I got down from the Plane. It must be winter and I was not wearing the proper clothes to combat with the climate. The bus carrying the flight passengers was slowly moving towards the Airport main entrance. The grandeur of Dubai Airport left me in astonishment with surprise. At a distance the announcement ‘Marhaba, Ahlan wa sahlan’ left me in total confusion, as I was not able to understand a bit of them. People of different nationalities lined up in various counters and moving fast, as the counter was so brisk and active even at night time.

We were four persons, a slim guy, a dark guy, a fat middle aged person and I, looking at each other as we were not known already, though we traveled in the same Plane. The person carrying visa copies was leading us and we got up in the Mazda bus which was more comfortable than it is expected to be. The driver was speeding the bus, as the neat road of the city and the condition of the bus helped for the same.

It was the labor camp, rows of small compartment like houses indicated to think so. We all the four got down from the Mazda bus and followed the one who was leading us, in silence. The odor of various foods which was under preparation over there, increased my appetite, made me tired with hunger. I greedily devoured the chicken sandwich that was originally served to me at that hour. ‘I will take you in the morning, be ready at 7 am’, the man told and vanished in the dark.

‘Be seated sir, our MD will see you in a couple of minutes’ the young man with ‘white and white’ uniform, wearing a red neck tie, smiled with the gleaming teeth. I sat on the green velvet couch which was so soft, soothed me and eased me. The reception Air-conditioner made the atmosphere cool yet the air was refreshing. ‘Could you please see our MD sir?’ the young man courteously leading me to the big cabin.

The office of the MD was really extravagant, with long Sandalwood color table and leather cushioned revolving chair. Behind him, was a book shelf with sliding door? At the corner of the room, one coat stand was stationed and a midnight blue color coat was draped on it. The fragrance of lilac filled the air inside the room. I expected an aged MD,  to my surprise, I found the young one, must be in his late thirties, wearing neatly pressed shirt and pant, well shaven face with curious eyes.

‘Welcome to Dubai, welcome to our Organization’ he smiled at me. His smile was very charming and transforming. ‘I hope it will take a week or two to settle down as you are new to this city’ he spoke with a soft voice.

Now I felt as if I am evolving from one world to another, truly. It must a new world with vested responsibilities and not the world that I lived till yesterday, I thought.

-A story by U.AYUB KHAN

MICHAEL JACKSON-My Dubai Journal-The Legend I fondly remember


It was the best of the times; it was the time when I heard the golden voice of a man who made History through his music albums. It was 26th Feb.1988 the time when I could hear the music of the King of Musical fantasy, Michael Jackson, invariably in all the FM radios and TV channels in Dubai. It was the time when his musical album ‘BAD’ captured the hearts of millions. Now I fondly remember the time when I fell in love with the greatest musical work of Michael Jackson the Pop idol of the world.

The world smiled with him when he smiled. Such a charming smile, he was wearing, the smile of the century, which inspired millions to follow his step and offered unconditional love towards people. The talent he had towards music and dance was enormous which reinforced his success and made him an adorable personality among the people eternally.

Millions of people were inspired by his music, yet his dance movements were unique which attracted even those who never had the slightest idea or interest in dance. People were spell bound by his melodious voice when they heard his song ‘Heal the world’. All this was made by a slender and simple man who was wearing a look of charming smile. When I heard the song ‘Beat it’, I was enthralled and verily moved by its lyrics. It gave so much of power, the power to transform entire world.

The time has changed and so the fashion, the likings the culture the technology the adaptability and so on. Amidst the changing spree, nothing could influence and effect change to the likings of his music, the music of the ultimate King of Pop.

His music and songs displayed the power, courage, passion, love, romanticism, agony and ecstasy as it outperformed the contested simply because it reflected the true emotions of the artist. I often used to ponder the wordings of his song ‘your sweet memories, will always be dear to me’. Yes Michael, you are not only dear to me, but for millions who loved your greatest work towards music and dance.

Such a beautiful artist could not resist the controversies and criticism about his personal life. I would only say ‘Those who find ugly meaning in beautiful things are the corrupt without being charming. For them, there is no hope’ the very quote of Oscar Wilde.

Now I sadly remember the present time as Michael has gone. The Moon walker, the King of pop has walked away, not away from the hearts of millions, just away from this planet.

‘The Artist is the creator of beautiful things’ is the wordings given by the great author Oscar Wilde. The Greatest artist of our times Michael Jackson, who had created historical music albums is certainly the creator of beautiful things. Leaving his priceless treasure of music albums, the thirteen times Grammy award winner has walked away, as time has taken him, not his fame.              

Not knowing this truth, my seven years old son asks ‘Dad, can we go and see Michael once please’. ‘It must have been love, I lost it somehow’, the famous song lingers in my mind.

The Caller-A Short Story


That was the day when I got the call. Such a pleasing voice, originally pleading and the idea was to dominate. The female voice from the other end stated that there is an offer from so called M club and has got so many benefits etc. etc. In response to that call, I politely replied that I am busy at the moment and I may talk to the concern person later. I really was busy and I only told the truth. Life has so many offers and often there may be few or only one choice at the end, I thought.

The next day I got the same call, the voice showed some sort of intimacy as if she is very close to me as well as very near to me. There is a point beyond which one cannot move, I remembered the dialogue from a famous movie. The main point is again about the club membership, but our conversation through her talk indicated some thing personal and it revealed that she didn’t talk to be like a prospect. She wanted to know my name and I said half of my name. When I asked about her name, she said a name which I really thought it may not be true. This way our game continued. She asked me what you ate and I said something. As a formality, I reciprocated the same for which she said something. Life has so many games but the perfect game is not about winning or losing. Its all about playing the game by all the rules for the same. In other words it is about playing the game perfectly.

That was a Saturday afternoon. The quality of the Saturday is to get the full day work done in half a day. This time Merlin, the tele caller didn’t speak about business. She was so enthusiastic and her voice was so jubilant. She spoke to me in such a way as if she knew me for ten years. How it could ever occur in any one’s mind, I thought. It was so funny, though I appreciated the same at the moment. In the mid our conversation she appealed for my friendship and insisted me to help her by getting her some leads. As I was not personally convinced about the concept, I never was willing to give her my leads as a matter of fact. Next time when she spoke to me, she was so personal and telling me how reluctant she was to do the telemarketing job. She also told me that she is in her early twenty’s and wish to settle down with a stable job soon. In spite of the fact that we both never met each other in person and our acquaintance is only over
Telephone,  she posed me the question whether she could come to my house etc, etc. It really sounded me the funniest of all and I didn’t reply for the same. It is highly dramatic and life is full of such dramas because no one ever knows when it will end.

Now the call started coming frequently, as frequent as three or four times in a day. Though there is no subject to talk, there was some talk no matter it is important or not.

When we like someone, we talk, that’s all. Now I started expecting her calls, the way we feel hungry periodically, until we get fed. The disease needs no reason; disease needs to be arrested at once. Medicine cause bitterness, yet we swallow to eradicate the disease or stay healthy, whatever the case it may be.

I am terribly busy by profession having no time or need for romance is in my late 40’s. Perhaps the caller must have mistaken me as youth through my voice. I seldom believe the words true love or true friendship especially with opposite sex. It is not that I am trying to be practical, just am being normal.   

It was 7 pm in the late evening and I was on my way home and amidst heavy traffic. I got the call from her. She was casual in her talk and talked as if I am very close to her. The fun was both of us never proposed to meet each other. Though I never took it so serious, I really wanted to avoid future complications that may pop out of this. After all we are strangers isn’t.  I just want to end the game.

‘I want to tell the truth.’ What truth? She asked, It is about my age, I replied. You must be twenty eight or thirty two, she giggled. Now I understood why she spoke to me. ‘Will you continue to be my friend if there is much age difference’, I asked. She didn’t conform; she must have got confused I thought. Often when confusion and confrontation occupies the position, life becomes dormant and ineffective. She never was annoyed but some sort of fear must have encircled her.

I am in my late 40’s, I confessed. She must have been astonished. ‘Are you married‘, she asked. ‘Yes, and I have two kids’, I replied. She was quiet for sometime. I could hear over phone she was yelling at someone near to her. Hiding her disappointment she told me that someone near shouting and that makes the conversation inaudible.

The next day I expected her call as usual but she didn’t. This is a very recent habit or practice that urged me wanting to speak to her. She only called first, and if the so called friendship prevails, she may call, I thought.

Now the confusion is over. Mind is as clear as rain water. There is a price for every thing, true friendship has no expectation. One cannot get windfall profit. Quiet often the profit it earned out of hard work and sweat. The one thing that propels me these days is the belief in truth, She never called me after that, I think the game is over for now.

The work of Humour-Ruskin Bond

Book review- A Handful of Nuts by Ruskin Bond

The idea of reading the work of  RUSKIN BOND, the well known author was pending for a long time.  As my daughter kept on advising me to read his works, I decided to buy one and found a book called ‘A HANDFUL OF NUTS’ by the said author. At first, I was not much interested, but  when I finished reading the book, I was moved verily by the humorous yet powerful narration about the author’s young age encounters and adventures in terms of his love, profession and acquaintance when he was just twenty one.

It reveals that the author often leads a very simple life as the earning of Mr. Bond was very meager those days to lead the standard lifestyle. Though his bank balance was just Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty  only those days, his aspiration to succeed was so big, that took him to success as a great author, during his later part of life.

As a matter of fact, it never occurred to me to write a review for the literary type of book, yet I took fancy to do so for this fabulous book of Ruskin Bond ‘A Handful of Nuts’. The struggle of this  writer who began his writing career those days and his aspiration towards success was the main theme of this autobiographical book of the author. His book shows his efforts to continue as a writer by living on its meager income with no ones support literally in 1955, the year when he was too young.

Mr. Bond’s writing is rather clear and understandable by all and very humorous even when he explained about his tough times, as he could have believed “tough time will never last”.  One effective point the reader could understand from the author's word is,  in spite of the struggle, he was always cool in handling situations, and often enjoyed his life in a simple but pleasant manner. He had manageable contacts, acquaintances, and friends, thereby making his life easy. The highest level of his sense of humor was the best plus point.

In his book, Mr. Bond takes the reader with him in order to visualize those days’ fashion, beliefs, culture, trend and lifestyle etc. He makes the reading pleasant through his simple yet expressive way of writing which makes the book not to put down by the reader at any point of time.

Each and every incident that originally occurred in his life was explained in his own style there by making the reader laugh aloud. Especially his love intended for ‘Indu’  (his one side love)  which turned to Maharani ( Indu's mother) and the series of unpleasant incident occurred thereafter was such a hilarious comedy for every reader.

He took few of his characters and gave life to it so that it looked more real than it could have been actually.  Sitaram,  his only assistant/support,  Indu,  his so called lover, Maharani,  Indu’s  mother , William Matheson, Suresh Mathur,  and  Jai Shankar were the characters  which were crafted and refined by the author and given to the reading public for their clear cut understanding.

The pleasantries and bitter moments of his early days, during 1955 was depicted in a finest way adding humor to life that makes any one to believe and remain self confident at all times.

Goodness, gracious!

The idea of being good sounded nice when I ascertained the problems of being bad. At first being good seems complicated but in the long run it proves to be worthy. To choose to be bad initially looks easy but the amount of complications it produces in the long run makes one sick and drives crazy.

Generally all are good, unless otherwise the circumstances creates a situation that sounds bad. Often, it is our words that really puts us in trouble.  This is clearly explained  by a famous Tamil poem, the  meaning of the same is as detailed below.

"The fool gets himself in trouble by uttering wrong words is like the  frog who gets caught by the snake, by merely making the unwanted sound."  

This indicates one's has to be very careful when one talks in public, as it is dangerous to utter a wrong word.
Goodness is always likeable  by all, make ones life easy. Being good gives peace of mind, so one can sit and relax.

Again attitude plays a vital role, as such a right attitude is worth a million. A person whose attitude is good will be liked  invariably by all segment of people.

Even it is hard, try to be a principle centred person, and have a right principle, which  can be practiced by any one ethically.

So, let's be good and do good now and always.

Me and my role

If I ever have the power to imagine right, I dare say
I wish to be a writing paper for the studious, in a right way
Will it not help many to acquire wisdom, for those
Who believe to emerge victorious through right means.

I could have been made as a dress material, if so
I beg the Almighty, please make me wonderful
And give me to the master, he or she no matter
To the one who has kind heart, I may be handled well.

What if I become a foot wear, is it bad?
Oh no, no, I could always carry the ambitious
To the right path, miles and miles tirelessly
'cause it will make me happy, even if I am worn out.

And if I become a currency note, oh good God
Please leave me with the needy one, not the bad one
They could be neither the spend thrift, nor the miser
As I really want to be spent useful, I pray

What a strange imagination, am thinking
As God made all of us with a purpose
What ever I may be created, it's okay
 I only want to be useful, I rather say

Let me be a good son, responsible father 
And a kind husband, as it may be
One could always make this world haven
By realizing  one's role by being useful.

The World with a view

What a mystic world, I really wonder
With a view to unify the people I wander.
How surprising to see the differences every where
Each carries their own reason, I ponder.

Gold or Silver, every coin has two sides.
Success or failure is the result of one's effort.
Each one justifies their own reason.
Which one is superior, Sun or Moon?

Every preaching needs certain practice.
As wisdom holds the light of human system.
Is vice and virtue could ever be the same?
True wisdom can always been proved.

Here comes the groups, to establish the truth.
In a world, raging with war, where lies the truth?
The prevalent indifference is a bane, not boon.
Argument or agreement the truth has its own accord.


When I had been to the shore of a magical beach
I bet, I stayed close to its dancing waves.
Oh its stride posed some times blue, some times green.
And it has a scene of  heart's content.

Once I'd been to the far away woods.
To measure it's abundant treasure.
Is it not amazing to note,
As it relieves one's pressure.

Had you ever been to hills?
The blue and  gray, showing spectacular way.
How God made these beautiful hills,
Is the wonderful question that often spills.

I found my garden brimmed with roses.
Some are red, some are white.
While those reds mocked at whites,
The whites merely pitied the reds.

All the above cited are nature's pleasure.
Giving peace of mind and to make one unwind.
The whole world could rest on it,
At the lap of the sacred Mother Nature. 

The point for the day

Rose and thorn

The world is not simply embedded with 
the path of roses, but full of thorns.

While the roses tend to give the fragrance
and delights you often, 
one must learn the forbearance of pains 
that originally caused by the 
thorns of the so called roses.

Always remember the special moments 
you experienced in the Past 
to strengthen and enlighten your 
Present, in order to put the same to your favor.

Welcome dear bloggers

Hi bloggers,

I am Ayub. It gives me immense pleasure to publish in one's own blog and am not an exception for the same.

Well, about my self, am an ardent reader of literature and management books, media and insurance is my profession. Yet I have a passion for copy writing , caption writing or writing of any productive stuff for that matter.

If one is really interested in any point or subject, it becomes very easy to write on matters that he or she really fancy. My idea is to give certain points when ever I write, in order to help some one to capture the best possible ways to succeed.

Life is definitely not "all work and no play "

Life has the best moments to cherish.

Life must be lived full.

I am very confident about life and hope you will experience the same too.

Bye for now