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Me and my role

If I ever have the power to imagine right, I dare say
I wish to be a writing paper for the studious, in a right way
Will it not help many to acquire wisdom, for those
Who believe to emerge victorious through right means.

I could have been made as a dress material, if so
I beg the Almighty, please make me wonderful
And give me to the master, he or she no matter
To the one who has kind heart, I may be handled well.

What if I become a foot wear, is it bad?
Oh no, no, I could always carry the ambitious
To the right path, miles and miles tirelessly
'cause it will make me happy, even if I am worn out.

And if I become a currency note, oh good God
Please leave me with the needy one, not the bad one
They could be neither the spend thrift, nor the miser
As I really want to be spent useful, I pray

What a strange imagination, am thinking
As God made all of us with a purpose
What ever I may be created, it's okay
 I only want to be useful, I rather say

Let me be a good son, responsible father 
And a kind husband, as it may be
One could always make this world haven
By realizing  one's role by being useful.

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