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Wants and Needs-A Reflection

Every one aspire to achieve success. It has become the common phenomena these days. On the other hand, people have developed certain aversion to failure. As a matter of fact, success that one attain makes one to forget the past and act carelessly. Whereas failure alarms a person to be more cautious in the near future in order to avert the the great fall that happen due to one's negligence. 

It is the tendency of all humans to celebrate success and despise failure. One must always note that it is the failure and not success that originally teach great lesson. More of failures refine the individuals to perform well next time. It makes people to work consistently and meticulously in order to achieve the desired results.

It is really great to work hard. At times we need to work smart also. If you do the same thing again and again, probably it may produce the same result. So why not we do things differently if we really need a different (positive) result.

Instead of looking for more resources to work, why not one use the available resources in the best possible way to achieve the desired result. Let's keep aside the practice of lamenting about not having much money or material things and concentrate on what we have already and how best we can use the same to multiply our resources.

It is always perceived that human wants are unlimited. Yet we need to define the limits as we can't go on adding up to our list, whatever we wish, endlessly. For the wise people  it is not at all a matter as they clearly know the difference between wants and needs.

An Article by Ayubkhan.U
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Jaffar Ali said...

I appreciate the efforts of the writer in trying to make the reader content with resources available and utilize it to the best to achieve positive results. However, I would like to share a personal insight here. We have evolved from the days of doing something for our needs to doing things for our wants. We invented wheel because we needed to save labour and time. But now, people want more than just a car to travel. Something luxurious. In the present scenario, being content only means for survival but not for success. Wants of the people motivates them to achieve and succeed. Our wants over needs have become the ultimate driving force for doing things beyond our potential or I should rather say, increase our potential. A person who is happy with basic food, clothing and shelter will not attempt to become a millionaire because that's not what he/she "needs". None of the things, we have for luxury today, would have happened if humans settled just for his/her needs. :-) :-)