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The Pleasures of Life-A Poem

Whenever I feel lonely, O friend, I really think of you
How good you were to me, I often cherish in your thoughts!
Those were the golden moments, when we walked hand in hand
Walked with much confidence, how blessed we were then

When the sunset reminded the birds to return to their nest
And the morning dawn alerted them to start their day nicely
We were together watching those scenes in amazement
How wonderful it really was, tell me dear friend?

When the silver moon was having good times with twinkling stars
We were together, looking at and exploring each others eyes!
How interesting to find those moments of happiness
Will this joy continue for a while, tell my dear friend!

We often found the rain that showered mercy on us
When it poured, it poured down the eternal joy
The tender wind brought us the sweet and happy message!
And the mighty sun extended its warmth on us!

With all this friendliness, to live in this world is a pleasure
And how pleasurable it was, to live with you
Those were the hours of joy, a bond that straightened our life
My heart remembers those times, will it continue forever?

                                                                                     A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Essential Water Filters

Water, which is a great gift to mankind by the Creator is also a great resources to cherish. Water is a very essential natural resource  to all of us. As there is no alternative to water,  procurement and usage has become vital for us. Water Filters which  provide clean water is of much more importance for the safety of our health, helps assure the healthy living.
water filters

Water borne disease is a great threat to the whole world as more number of people are severely affected due to various water borne disease around the globe. The great challenge posed before us is to prevent the water contamination, as such Water Filters becomes a great boon to fulfill this need.

The fear about the water related problems made the people to take preventive measure, which ultimately  urged the people to go for reliable Water Filters. Water Filter is a great and essential invention by the experts, to cure the water contamination by removing the dirt and sediments to ultimately eliminate the harmful bacterias which affects the health of the people. The different layers in the filters helps remove the dirt as well as eliminates bacteria in the water and provides pure water to drink. 

The invention and continuous innovation in Water Filters has brought many choice to the people according to their need and budget. The technology of Reverse Osmosis proved to be reliable in providing clear water for drinking purpose. It further helps to have the allowable ratio of minerals in water, which is essential to people's health. There is a wide choice to select the Water Filters which assures a healthy competition among the sellers.

The price of the Water Filters are affordable and reasonable and hence it becomes easy for anyone to lead a healthy living away from water contamination. As there is a great saying 'Health is Wealth', let us take essential steps by acquiring appropriate Water Filters to live in prosperity, healthy and wealthy, throughout our life.