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Xing Tom returns to London

Xing Tom, the adventure boy was in a jubilant mood.  The dawn announced the beginning of a perfect morning in its own tender way, with its cool and comforting breeze. Human mind is often adoptable with nature and Xing Tom was of no exception for the same. In side of the Hotel room where they stayed was having a pleasant climate. To enjoy the beauty of the morning fully, Xing Tom just came out of the room and headed straight to the lawn which was greener than ever before. Even at the beginning of the summer, the hotel authority is able to maintain it in a nice way, he thought.

A blue feathered tiny bird suddenly appeared and came closer to him and sat besides the nearest wall. To Xing Tom, the bird sounded friendly as such he went close to the bird. The sudden nearness of Xing Tom frightened the bird and it flew abruptly.

Xing Tom and Sara were at the breakfast table awaiting the delicious South Indian dish ‘Idly’ and  ‘Vada’.  In five minutes time it arrived and they both devoured it as if they have not eaten for days. While they were eating, their Mum and Dad also joined with them. The restaurant was in the third floor, where at the window side Xing Tom was able to see the road packed with Cars and Bikes making the traffic heavy and busy. The lined up vehicle over there sounded like a range of toys in a big show room.

Ten days have elapsed since they came from London on a personal trip to India. Mostly they spent time in Chennai and Southern parts of Tamilnadu, which was a pleasant experience for Xing Tom. Of course, few adventures took place yet the stay was memorable and interesting for Xing Tom.

They have to catch the mid night flight from British Airways and that made all of them busy and industrious. While others engaged themselves in packing and other activities, Xing Tom was seriously thinking by sitting alone, near the window side of the room. What type of adventure he has to face, until they leave the hotel and reach the Airport is the question posed on his mind. Though he was little upset about leaving India, he was also happy about meeting his friends back in London. Often life has unpredictable changes and we must always learn to adjust our self according to the need of the hour, he thought.
It was 8 pm. Xing Tom was readily waiting for the cab to come. His Dad and Mum who went for a local purchase just arrived with a big cloth bag. Where ever we go, we find something new to purchase, if not our journey never gets fulfilled, Xing Tom murmured on seeing them. Sara too was ready, but was little casual engaging herself by playing some video game with her mobile.

A white color Ford Endeavor reached the hotel at 8.30 after the Check out formality, they all got inside the vehicle and the driver keeping their luggage inside, he speed ed the vehicle through the heavy traffic main road leading the Airport. In next half an hour, the vehicle entered the Meenambakkam Airport, which was crowded with many vehicles. Lot of passengers carrying their luggage were moving around, as many flights were about to take off in a couple of hours. One tall passenger came near to Xing Tom and shook hand with him. He asked some questions in Hindi and Xing Tom was not able to answer him. With this reaction, the attempted person simply left the place in silence. Inside the airport, after collecting the boarding pass for all of them, they proceed inside and waited in a lounge. Xing Tom’s Mum purchased a Kashmir Shawl in the duty free shop over there.

Xing Tom occupied his favorite window seat in the flight and it took off in a few seconds. The runway was visible with more lights and slowly the objects over there started minimizing to smaller as the flight took off. To Xing Tom, the view was spectacular and he suddenly turned nostalgic. ‘So long Chennai, farewell to you’ he whispered in a coarse voice, which was audible only to him. When the flight touched the clouds, Xing Tom felt sleepy and in seconds he fell asleep. 

                                                                 A Story by Ayubkhan.U

                                                           Illustrated by Irshath Mohammed.A


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Alice in Magicland said...

liked the name Xing Tom,liked the phrase 'road packed with vehicles'.
liked the soft ending.
Happy Journey-Xing Tom
and thank you Ayubkhan.U

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