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Citizens makes the Country

Isn't it a country identified by its Citizen
O people, what speaks of you, action or memory
The duty of a Citizen is not often defined
Yet the Country is made with the order of it's Citizens

Love and Compassion makes every Citizen
It is virtue not vice shapes every Citizen
The strength of the Country is much valued
By the blood and sweat of its own Citizen

How interesting to see the world of peace
No war no violence, will be a sweet dream
The height of civilization is greatly assessed
Through the earnest service to the poor and needy

If a tree is identified by its fruit
And a plant is assessed by its seed
Then the man is defined by his actions
A Nation is valued by its people

O  Citizens, be a role model
By doing good and leaving bad
True Citizens helps live in harmony
Never spreads rumor, helps spread peace

Life is not just to eat and sleep
Life is not just to dwell and exist
Life is not to make a daydream 
Life is to  make a dream, which comes true in a day or two

O Students, you are going to make the Nation
A Nation without cast or creed
Love and compassion makes one human
With the ray of hope, have faith in what you do