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The Game of Nature-A Poem

This unusual sky is rather surprising!
Where have the sun gone?
The sky is completely occupied by the clouds!
Is the sky being invaded by these clouds?
The day sounds gloomy and cold!
Like a cold look of arrogance,
Displayed by heartless one!
Will the sun emerge again from hiding?
There is sudden strong wind,
Making the clouds scatter and vanish!
Now the golden sun emerging slowly,
Bringing brightness and joy to this world!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

Apply for a Better Life-A Review

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This Lonely Bird-A Poem

I saw her coming, wearing a splendid smile!
Like a moon, she emerged gradually!
As she walked, there was brightness everywhere!
I found her younger than she actually could have been!

Human mind often evolves with confidence!
The possibility of hope, set all things right!
Love kindles the fire of emotions!
The magic of love, helps to make us live! 

This blue evening sky is going to turn red!
The sky filled with birds might get deserted!
The green leaves of this tree, might turn brown!
I wish this smile you wear now, must remain forever!

This mind verily longing for a consoling heart!
A heart that is always pure in thought!
The guardian angel of love, keeps my life going!
I am confident, though my search continues!

The tears of my eyes, might get dried by time!
The time that helps all, could help me too!
At the west sky, I am seeing a lonely bird flying!
Could any one see the tears of a bird that's too far?

                                       A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Pleasures of Life-A Poem

Whenever I feel lonely, O friend, I really think of you
How good you were to me, I often cherish in your thoughts!
Those were the golden moments, when we walked hand in hand
Walked with much confidence, how blessed we were then

When the sunset reminded the birds to return to their nest
And the morning dawn alerted them to start their day nicely
We were together watching those scenes in amazement
How wonderful it really was, tell me dear friend?

When the silver moon was having good times with twinkling stars
We were together, looking at and exploring each others eyes!
How interesting to find those moments of happiness
Will this joy continue for a while, tell my dear friend!

We often found the rain that showered mercy on us
When it poured, it poured down the eternal joy
The tender wind brought us the sweet and happy message!
And the mighty sun extended its warmth on us!

With all this friendliness, to live in this world is a pleasure
And how pleasurable it was, to live with you
Those were the hours of joy, a bond that straightened our life
My heart remembers those times, will it continue forever?

                                                                                     A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

The Essential Water Filters

Water, which is a great gift to mankind by the Creator is also a great resources to cherish. Water is a very essential natural resource  to all of us. As there is no alternative to water,  procurement and usage has become vital for us. Water Filters which  provide clean water is of much more importance for the safety of our health, helps assure the healthy living.
water filters

Water borne disease is a great threat to the whole world as more number of people are severely affected due to various water borne disease around the globe. The great challenge posed before us is to prevent the water contamination, as such Water Filters becomes a great boon to fulfill this need.

The fear about the water related problems made the people to take preventive measure, which ultimately  urged the people to go for reliable Water Filters. Water Filter is a great and essential invention by the experts, to cure the water contamination by removing the dirt and sediments to ultimately eliminate the harmful bacterias which affects the health of the people. The different layers in the filters helps remove the dirt as well as eliminates bacteria in the water and provides pure water to drink. 

The invention and continuous innovation in Water Filters has brought many choice to the people according to their need and budget. The technology of Reverse Osmosis proved to be reliable in providing clear water for drinking purpose. It further helps to have the allowable ratio of minerals in water, which is essential to people's health. There is a wide choice to select the Water Filters which assures a healthy competition among the sellers.

The price of the Water Filters are affordable and reasonable and hence it becomes easy for anyone to lead a healthy living away from water contamination. As there is a great saying 'Health is Wealth', let us take essential steps by acquiring appropriate Water Filters to live in prosperity, healthy and wealthy, throughout our life.   

The World of Friends

Friendship is often a great thing to cherish. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ is a great saying. One can even live by sacrificing his/her important needs, but cannot live with out one true friend. Now the good news is technology has made the friendship easier, thanks to online dating sites like, where the possibility of getting new friends is innumerable.

 Friends share their happiness and sorrows, help each other at times of trouble. If they happened to be opposite sex they can even decide about getting married, based on their likes, dislikes and understandings. The presence of online dating services is more now a day which ultimately clears the geographical boundaries when it comes to friendship and dating. The great American leader John Kennedy once told ‘The people of the world are one race’ which becomes true with the technology of online friendship sites.

The good news is doesn’t collect service charges from its users/members and there is absolutely no hidden cost in any form.  Further it is a very beautiful user friendly site which provides safe and secure services to single men and women of all ages to find love and to add new friends. The added advantage is its unlimited video chat at no cost.

Online dating sites helps every lonely individual to come out of the boredom by finding better friends, relieves the stress of day to day life. Life becomes every thing with good and meaningful friends and hence these services are commendable indeed.

Article Writing Jobs Online

The interesting aspect for now is the availability of various article writing jobs online. Article writing is certainly an interesting job for those who have a liking for the same. The vast majority of writers are much interested to write articles on various topics. Fashion, Beauty, Training, Management, Finance, Health, Food and Diet are some of the popular topics that interest many writers in general. When we get the opportunity to write the topic we like most, it certainly gives immense joy to us in real sense.

There are ample possibilities for the article writing jobs online. Google search shows various opportunities to write and earn. As a matter of fact many are not aware of these possibilities to earn through writing and they don’t approach the right sources to get the appropriate jobs online. Those who possess this unique talent of writing must strive hard to get the article writing jobs online by approaching the right sources.

Writers feel very happy when they happen to convey the message through their articles. They feel certain amount of satisfaction when they are able to get the desired results through their articles. At the same time the overall happiness comes to any writer only when he or she is rewarded suitably for the work of article writing. This happens only when they get the article writing jobs online from the right company regularly.

It is worth noting to have the interesting job especially writing job which is considered to be a sort of creative job indeed. There are lots of employers who are looking for good writers to hire and of course many efficient writers possessing good skill and command over the language are looking for the right opportunity to come. Creating more awareness about article writing jobs online is the important task, which will really fulfill the need of the industry as a whole.

Xing Tom returns to London

Xing Tom, the adventure boy was in a jubilant mood.  The dawn announced the beginning of a perfect morning in its own tender way, with its cool and comforting breeze. Human mind is often adoptable with nature and Xing Tom was of no exception for the same. In side of the Hotel room where they stayed was having a pleasant climate. To enjoy the beauty of the morning fully, Xing Tom just came out of the room and headed straight to the lawn which was greener than ever before. Even at the beginning of the summer, the hotel authority is able to maintain it in a nice way, he thought.

A blue feathered tiny bird suddenly appeared and came closer to him and sat besides the nearest wall. To Xing Tom, the bird sounded friendly as such he went close to the bird. The sudden nearness of Xing Tom frightened the bird and it flew abruptly.

Xing Tom and Sara were at the breakfast table awaiting the delicious South Indian dish ‘Idly’ and  ‘Vada’.  In five minutes time it arrived and they both devoured it as if they have not eaten for days. While they were eating, their Mum and Dad also joined with them. The restaurant was in the third floor, where at the window side Xing Tom was able to see the road packed with Cars and Bikes making the traffic heavy and busy. The lined up vehicle over there sounded like a range of toys in a big show room.

Ten days have elapsed since they came from London on a personal trip to India. Mostly they spent time in Chennai and Southern parts of Tamilnadu, which was a pleasant experience for Xing Tom. Of course, few adventures took place yet the stay was memorable and interesting for Xing Tom.

They have to catch the mid night flight from British Airways and that made all of them busy and industrious. While others engaged themselves in packing and other activities, Xing Tom was seriously thinking by sitting alone, near the window side of the room. What type of adventure he has to face, until they leave the hotel and reach the Airport is the question posed on his mind. Though he was little upset about leaving India, he was also happy about meeting his friends back in London. Often life has unpredictable changes and we must always learn to adjust our self according to the need of the hour, he thought.
It was 8 pm. Xing Tom was readily waiting for the cab to come. His Dad and Mum who went for a local purchase just arrived with a big cloth bag. Where ever we go, we find something new to purchase, if not our journey never gets fulfilled, Xing Tom murmured on seeing them. Sara too was ready, but was little casual engaging herself by playing some video game with her mobile.

A white color Ford Endeavor reached the hotel at 8.30 after the Check out formality, they all got inside the vehicle and the driver keeping their luggage inside, he speed ed the vehicle through the heavy traffic main road leading the Airport. In next half an hour, the vehicle entered the Meenambakkam Airport, which was crowded with many vehicles. Lot of passengers carrying their luggage were moving around, as many flights were about to take off in a couple of hours. One tall passenger came near to Xing Tom and shook hand with him. He asked some questions in Hindi and Xing Tom was not able to answer him. With this reaction, the attempted person simply left the place in silence. Inside the airport, after collecting the boarding pass for all of them, they proceed inside and waited in a lounge. Xing Tom’s Mum purchased a Kashmir Shawl in the duty free shop over there.

Xing Tom occupied his favorite window seat in the flight and it took off in a few seconds. The runway was visible with more lights and slowly the objects over there started minimizing to smaller as the flight took off. To Xing Tom, the view was spectacular and he suddenly turned nostalgic. ‘So long Chennai, farewell to you’ he whispered in a coarse voice, which was audible only to him. When the flight touched the clouds, Xing Tom felt sleepy and in seconds he fell asleep. 

                                                                 A Story by Ayubkhan.U

                                                           Illustrated by Irshath Mohammed.A

My Tender Rose-A Poem

Looking at the window early in the morning
Life sounded perfect with the freshness in the air 
The birds started moving why not me, I asked and moved
Walked through the path, the way to garden is nearer

I entered the garden of Roses, the joy entered  along with me
What  a lovely garden, it's surrounded by fragrance
The red one and the yellow, kept me in mellow
Mused and smiled the roses waved in the morning air

There are many flowers in that amazing garden
At a closer look I found my innocent  tender rose
It has the total beauty, wearing yellow at it's best
If I touch will it wound her, I wondered and averted

I left the garden with emptiness in mind
But took the oath  to return back soon
Life will all be good with good things around us
This convincing thought made me to move, for now

When the sun turned gold and vanished, I returned
There were many roses, but no music among them
There was dullness among them, sadness ruled the place
Where all the freshness of morning gone, I was surprised

My eyes were searching for my tender Rose
My heart was longing for that yellow beauty
With enduring pain, I found her at last
A dull withered one with no beauty in her

My heart was shattered, my eyes became a pond
What a life with no certainty, I murmured
Morning till evening, is what the life it had
Its a bitter reality, my heart cried in silence 

If you want to show the love, show it right now
Tomorrow may be too late, today is the best day
Do all the good deeds quickly and swiftly
All the great thing will vanish, life is not certain.

                                                                         a poem by Ayubkhan.U

God's Creation-A short story

There was a middle aged man who was traveling on business by road. That was a period where Motor transport was not prevailing and people either go by horses, bullock cart or through mere walking. It was a hot summer and the man covered a very long distance by walking. The nature of his business allowed him to find time for reading and he used this advantage to his favor. His thought process increased  as he was reading many books of useful subjects and he even started advising others on matters to be resolved. People in his home town considered him knowledgeable and started seeking advice from him. The more he read, the more he started analyzing things meticulously even it is small.

It was a hot summer and often this period is tough for the man as he has to cover many places everyday by walking in order to continue  his business of selling small toys and  other fancy items. He just looked at the fierce sun as it was at the top and shone bright. It must be noon, he thought. The tired man wanted take a little nap under the shade and he found a big tree, very tall with more branches to give enough shade. He found a shady place and sat for a while. He casually looked at the tree and it had more branches which were sturdy and the leaves were green waving mildly because of the wind. Enjoying the freshness of air, he slowly leaned at the ground where he was sitting and made his body straight looking at the upper part of the tree. 

He was in a sleepy mood yet he wanted to analyze the tree, which is new to him. He looked at the top of the branches and surprised to find the fruits which was so small in size. He just laughed himself and told, what a funny creation of God. Such a big, tall, and sturdy tree with more branches bears the fruit which is very tiny. 'Its the real fun' he shouted aloud and laughed himself. With this thought he suddenly fell asleep.

The man could have slept for half an hour and there was still the smile in his face as if he had a funny dream. 

Suddenly the man woke up stuck by a small particle on his face. He just looked around and found a small fruit of the tree nearby. The fruit was little hard and it directly fell on his face creating the  impact and it caused a mild pain on his face. Now he realized the truth. If God would have made this fruit bigger, he must have died by now, he thought. Whatever God makes, it is for the benefit of the mankind, as such we can not find fault on His creation. 'This is a big lesson for me. I learned the new wisdom today which all the books  have not taught me so long'  he told himself and left the place in silence.

 A story by Ayubkhan.U, based on the folk tale from India

Product Review-Zenni Optical

Opportunity: Make life easier with oleophobic coated eyeglasses

Better living with a better look is the dream of all. ‘Face is the index of mind’ is the old adage. Mind will be active when one looks better. Thanks to Zenni Optical, the provider of stylish and convenient Eye Glasses, who has come with a unique optical solution for all.

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The continuous development in education created the awareness, since the prescription eyeglasses are highly health- oriented products for its users. Hence necessary care has been taken by Zenni Optical, the organization that makes a difference by providing superior quality product of great durability and safety along with comfort and style, with the added benefit of extra-ordinarily affordable prices.

With the emerging technology Zenni Optical playing a vital role, as the company offers the newest generation of AR coating, Fingerprint Resistant (Oleophobic) Anti Reflective Coating. The technology that is well ahead could provide the technically advanced super hydrophobic/oleophobic coated lenses, which effectively repel water, oil, dust and fingerprints besides reducing annoying reflections. Much clearer and easy to clean is the main factor of the lenses provided by Zenni Optical, the experts in eyeglasses industry.

The prime advantage of AR coating helps counter the problem of overhead light reflection while driving. Further, it makes the glasses less noticeable and less reflective in photographs. Precisely Zenni Optical assures the comfort and peace of mind to its wearers of all segments.

Thanks to Zenni Optical, the price of eyeglasses are very lesser, very attractive and affordable indeed. It has a wide range of colors and design suitable for women, men, children, unisex and elders as a whole. The elegant design of meticulously coated glasses gives a better look besides convenient wear and safety for eyes.

Now it is much easier to procure your desired eyeglasses through online, as Zenni Optical has a nice a website: showcasing the latest designs to suit the needs of all.  All details like product descriptions, order placing and dispatch details are available in the said website of this great organization.  



Ode to my love-a poem

This poem is dedicated to my daughter Fahima Ayub

Under the shadow of this mighty tree
I sat, with your thought lingering in my mind.
The beauty of your face reminds me of the Moon
Of course, I do shelter you, as the Sky shelters the Stars

My mind is encircled with the colors of rainbow
At a distance, I could hear the song of a bird
With all the serene thoughts surrounded me
I sat at your feet, O Lord! Straighten my life.

Never was a moment, I spent without you
Your presence, to me a precious present
When you whisper in my ear, I lose control of myself
I am spellbound; I can’t imagine a moment without you

I remember the time, when you walked
With your tender feet and charming smile
You made me realize the value of love
In your eyes, I saw the world, a new world indeed.

Who you are, how you came into my life?
I wish, I could be with you eternally, if I can.
Love is not one simple word, for this lasting bond
You are me, aren’t you my dearest daughter.