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This Lonely Bird-A Poem

I saw her coming, wearing a splendid smile!
Like a moon, she emerged gradually!
As she walked, there was brightness everywhere!
I found her younger than she actually could have been!

Human mind often evolves with confidence!
The possibility of hope, set all things right!
Love kindles the fire of emotions!
The magic of love, helps to make us live! 

This blue evening sky is going to turn red!
The sky filled with birds might get deserted!
The green leaves of this tree, might turn brown!
I wish this smile you wear now, must remain forever!

This mind verily longing for a consoling heart!
A heart that is always pure in thought!
The guardian angel of love, keeps my life going!
I am confident, though my search continues!

The tears of my eyes, might get dried by time!
The time that helps all, could help me too!
At the west sky, I am seeing a lonely bird flying!
Could any one see the tears of a bird that's too far?

                                       A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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