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God's Creation-A short story

There was a middle aged man who was traveling on business by road. That was a period where Motor transport was not prevailing and people either go by horses, bullock cart or through mere walking. It was a hot summer and the man covered a very long distance by walking. The nature of his business allowed him to find time for reading and he used this advantage to his favor. His thought process increased  as he was reading many books of useful subjects and he even started advising others on matters to be resolved. People in his home town considered him knowledgeable and started seeking advice from him. The more he read, the more he started analyzing things meticulously even it is small.

It was a hot summer and often this period is tough for the man as he has to cover many places everyday by walking in order to continue  his business of selling small toys and  other fancy items. He just looked at the fierce sun as it was at the top and shone bright. It must be noon, he thought. The tired man wanted take a little nap under the shade and he found a big tree, very tall with more branches to give enough shade. He found a shady place and sat for a while. He casually looked at the tree and it had more branches which were sturdy and the leaves were green waving mildly because of the wind. Enjoying the freshness of air, he slowly leaned at the ground where he was sitting and made his body straight looking at the upper part of the tree. 

He was in a sleepy mood yet he wanted to analyze the tree, which is new to him. He looked at the top of the branches and surprised to find the fruits which was so small in size. He just laughed himself and told, what a funny creation of God. Such a big, tall, and sturdy tree with more branches bears the fruit which is very tiny. 'Its the real fun' he shouted aloud and laughed himself. With this thought he suddenly fell asleep.

The man could have slept for half an hour and there was still the smile in his face as if he had a funny dream. 

Suddenly the man woke up stuck by a small particle on his face. He just looked around and found a small fruit of the tree nearby. The fruit was little hard and it directly fell on his face creating the  impact and it caused a mild pain on his face. Now he realized the truth. If God would have made this fruit bigger, he must have died by now, he thought. Whatever God makes, it is for the benefit of the mankind, as such we can not find fault on His creation. 'This is a big lesson for me. I learned the new wisdom today which all the books  have not taught me so long'  he told himself and left the place in silence.

 A story by Ayubkhan.U, based on the folk tale from India


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