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My Tender Rose-A Poem

Looking at the window early in the morning
Life sounded perfect with the freshness in the air 
The birds started moving why not me, I asked and moved
Walked through the path, the way to garden is nearer

I entered the garden of Roses, the joy entered  along with me
What  a lovely garden, it's surrounded by fragrance
The red one and the yellow, kept me in mellow
Mused and smiled the roses waved in the morning air

There are many flowers in that amazing garden
At a closer look I found my innocent  tender rose
It has the total beauty, wearing yellow at it's best
If I touch will it wound her, I wondered and averted

I left the garden with emptiness in mind
But took the oath  to return back soon
Life will all be good with good things around us
This convincing thought made me to move, for now

When the sun turned gold and vanished, I returned
There were many roses, but no music among them
There was dullness among them, sadness ruled the place
Where all the freshness of morning gone, I was surprised

My eyes were searching for my tender Rose
My heart was longing for that yellow beauty
With enduring pain, I found her at last
A dull withered one with no beauty in her

My heart was shattered, my eyes became a pond
What a life with no certainty, I murmured
Morning till evening, is what the life it had
Its a bitter reality, my heart cried in silence 

If you want to show the love, show it right now
Tomorrow may be too late, today is the best day
Do all the good deeds quickly and swiftly
All the great thing will vanish, life is not certain.

                                                                         a poem by Ayubkhan.U


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jam@ Tropical Treasures said...

2 thumbs up! nice usage of simple metaphors and outline. More power always online ;-)

krisnanto said...

i like this i'm from indonesia...nice to meet you

Ashraf Kamal said...

Cute poem it remind us our school day... I like that..

iffatali said...

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