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The Moments of Torture

The sky was darker, the way my mind was
And I wish to see the light at a distance
When this darkness will go away?
When this love will truly be understood.

The sky is blank save her vision appearing at times
The smile, the talk and those friendly gestures
Creating the moments of torture
With those loving smile, those loving gestures.

Love torture is not the agony of body but mind
It's a pleasant pain, tolerable terror
It must be the biggest pain of all,
Yet the mind accepts it, however terrible it may be!

Those beautiful eyes, and the thoughtful face
The look which gives the tender feeling
Those pleasing smile and loving gesture
That drives me crazy, what best I could do?

Love is a strange feeling, so strange to understand
Love has all the elements; the agony and the ecstasy!
Love creates the lasting bond, the stronger one
This love keeps me alive, with the sea of thoughts.

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U
Photo Courtesy: Google

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Vinay Nagaraju said...

True indeed mate.. Love is not the agony of the body, it is of the mind.. But strangely enough it does manifest in the form of body. I have seen so many of my friends get fatter and fatter at ease the moment they realize they are committed - including me :D