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The Kind of Love

I saw her eyes, so interesting; so curious.
When she smiled, I was energized.
Oh, you're simply great, I exclaimed!
No, I'm just a human being, she retorted

Suddenly I found the whole new world
And I saw her just smiling casually.
I started liking her, the reason I knew not.
I developed certain addiction to her winning look.

It is like wearing a new spectacle:
The colorful one making our vision vivid.
I found myself feeling new 'cause
I identified a new person in my life.

Life becomes meaningful for the one
Who tries to explore the possibility of living.
Life has so much to cherish
If you have the right one besides you.

Hope is the very basis for living
So never give up hope.
If  love could ever change one's lifestyle
Why  not we find the kind of love in our life?

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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