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When I had been to the shore of a magical beach
I bet, I stayed close to its dancing waves.
Oh its stride posed some times blue, some times green.
And it has a scene of  heart's content.

Once I'd been to the far away woods.
To measure it's abundant treasure.
Is it not amazing to note,
As it relieves one's pressure.

Had you ever been to hills?
The blue and  gray, showing spectacular way.
How God made these beautiful hills,
Is the wonderful question that often spills.

I found my garden brimmed with roses.
Some are red, some are white.
While those reds mocked at whites,
The whites merely pitied the reds.

All the above cited are nature's pleasure.
Giving peace of mind and to make one unwind.
The whole world could rest on it,
At the lap of the sacred Mother Nature. 

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