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Richness is a State of Mind-A Poem

Those dark clouds have long gone!
And the Sun is clear by now.
This sunny side of the world is rather interesting!
Yet those gloomy days remains hard in memory.

This world expects mercy from those kind hearts!
The heart where one couldn't find any love.
This poor sky surrounded by war clouds,
Can't help the tender heart that seeks peace!

There is a bird flying at a distance!
Flying hard around the gloomy sky.
A sea of sadness kept its mouth shut!
Will it fly or fall at the weight of its sadness!

We all hope to see a beautiful world,
As the hope keeps our life going!
A positive mind could make a positive effort!
There's no failure for the soul that strives hard!

Let's work and keep a trail for others to follow!
Let's smile and make this world bright forever.
Let's live with a view to love, it makes a difference.
To find all the riches in this world, let's work now!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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